Moving Sale!

EyasSat’s Headquarters are moving to MSU Denver on January 5, 2018! We do not want to move inventory. Send your purchase order and deposit before December 25th and receive a 10% discount on GEN 5 Kit or any accessory, OR receive a free single axis air bearing with purchase of a kit! Contact Genah now, while supplies last. or +1 (303) 902-3196

Moving Sale

EyasSat Introduces Single Axis Air Bearing for Attitude Control Studies

EyasSat Introduces Single Axis Air Bearing!

Light weight, economical air bearing for conducting attitude control studies about a single axis. Studies include center of mass determination/management, testing various control laws, and demonstrating momentum dumping as in a LEO system.

Some features of this Single Axis Air Bearing:single axis air bearing air_bearing_assy


  • Weight is approximately 3 lbs./1.4kg
  • Can support up to 12U cube sat!
  • Dimensions (approx.) 6″/15cm x 5″/12cm x 1.5″/4.5cm
  • Valve length 1.5″/4cm
  • Features 2, embedded, rare earth magnets for demonstrating momentum dumping/wheel de-saturation as in LEO.


Air Bearing supports a GEN 5 Sat Sim with approximately 10psi/69KPa.


The price: a mere $1099 USD.

*Requires appropriate couplings and compressed air to operate.



Introducing COSMOS….


COSMOSThis year, at Small Sat 2016, EyasSat revealed our new, customized COSMOS interface.

COSMOS, from Ball Aerospace, is the only free, open-source command and control system.

Along with this added capability we now offer additional accessories for GEN 5 Sat Sim Kit.

And, please note, we have not changed our pricing for several years, despite many upgrades. This year it is time. The price for GEN 5 is now $9950-still, a heck of a deal for the capabilities our users will enjoy.

Lastly, as always, we encourage our users to share ideas, questions, and images.

Mark Your Calendars!!!!

UPDATE!!! It is less than two weeks away. Join us on Monday, August 10 at 8am for the BIG REVEAL….GEN 5!!!!

Eccles Science Center, Room 053

Side Meetings at Small Sat 2015!

It is less than one month until EyasSat LLC’s annual mini workshop/intro to EyasSat Satellite Simulator Kits at Small Sat!

Join us, Monday, Aug 10, 8am-11:30am at Eccles Science Learning Center, Room 053 to see our latest and greatest release: GEN 5 Nano Satellite Simulator.

Learn how it is differs from past generation simulators, how to use it in the classroom, and more!