Is Your Radio Working?

Is your 2.4GHz, Xbee radio working? This is the radio found in all EyasSat C+ Models out there today. We are experiencing a strange phenomenon–radios that work in our lab no longer work when they arrive at their final destination. We suspect that some geographical regions around the world do not support this frequency and/or that there is a frequency interference. Please tell us IF your radio works and WHERE you are from!xbee radio

Space Round Up a Success!

Colorado Space Round Table 10 Dec 14





Genah Burditt of EyasSat LLC;  Eddie Goldstein and Dimitri Klebe of Denver Museum of Nature & Science, event location/co-host, celebrate the success of EyasSat Rev 4.2 at the Colorado Space Roundup on December 10th.

A great event, packed with relevant panel discussions, networking opportunities, and plenty of coffee and food!

Interesting Facts:

1. Colorado has 3rd largest aerospace industry in USA

2. Over 50% of aerospace companies in Colorado are 10 people or less

WOW! Let’s celebrate CSBR, Small Business, and Colorado’s coolest industry! Cheers!

EyasSat LLC just joined the Colorado Space Business Roundtable and will be attending the 11th Annual Colorado Space RoundupCSBR on December 10th at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. We hope to see you there!

What Are Your Training Needs?



Do you represent a university starting an aerospace department or CubeSat program? Are you seeking to improve your country’s foothold in a rapidly developing aerospace industry?

Whatever your training goals, from aerospace engineering basics to in-depth staff development, I would like to introduce you, our customers, to a group we have worked with for some time: Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI).

TSTI is recognized around the world for their top quality training is astronautics and space systems engineering.  Their courses run the spectrum from introductory astronautics (for newcomers to the space industry) to advanced courses in robotic spacecraft design, system verification and validation–using our EyasSats, systems engineering, space mission operations and applied program management for space systems.  TSTI wrote the books on space systems (authors and editors of Understanding Space, Applied Space Systems Engineering, Space Mission Analysis and Design, Human Spaceflight Analysis and Design, etc.).  Their instructors all have doctorates in related fields, taught Astronautical Engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and have had practical experience in development of space missions.  TSTI loves to teach and works with organizations as diverse as NASA, ESA, US Air Force, Lockheed-Martin, Singapore’s National Defense R&D organization, and the Angolan Space Agency.

To get the most of your EyasSats, we suggest you contact TSTI.

Student Has Success with EyasSat C+

Luis Fernando Feres Molina (left) and Carlos Pino (right)

Luis Fernando Feres Molina (left) and Carlos Pino (right)

Luis Fernando Feres Molina used EyasSat C+ for his project University of Concepción, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He plans to continue to use EyasSat for his thesis project. He reports the project presentation (pictured above) was a success. Congrats Louis!

Install Latest C+ GUI

The Latest C+ Control Panel is here! Here’s how to install:

  • Go to Resources and Downloads Tab –>Latest C+ GUI
  • Download the File
  • Ensure it is a .zip file, if not, rename it as such
  • Make a note of the install location of old Control Panel then UNinstall it. Also delete any desktop shortcuts.
  • Now install the new Control Panel using the install package. Install in the same location as old.
  • Once installed, open the program, click on Help–>About and the version and mode will be displayed. The KEY mode should remain the same as before. The version number should be 20121006
  • Good luck! Happy satelliting!