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Q. Are there restrictions for who can purchase EyasSAT and/or where you can ship it?

A. NO! EyasSAT trainers are for educational purposes only and therefore have no ITAR restrictions. We are happy to share knowledge to our global friends in aerospace. NOTE: The Department of Commerce does restrict shipping to some regions.

Q.  How much does it cost to ship internationally?

A.  Shipping rates vary. To most European and Asian countries the cost is $500-$700 (USD). Shipping to South America is generally more, $800-$1000 (USD).

Q. What type of training or curriculum come with the  kits?

A. The kit comes with a 50 page user guide that can easily be adapted into a curriculum that suits the goals of the user. EyasSat encourages users to share resources. And, users always have access to the EyasSat team.

4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. westernfb

    When cube sats were controlled under the ITAR, some at the DDTC advised that a course on cube sat design would require a DDTC license. Now that cube sats are controlled under the Export Administration Regulations, can your product be shipped without a license to any country?

    1. Genah Burditt Post author

      Thank you for your inquiry. Our products are not restricted by ITAR; however, there are some export controls that prevent us from shipping to certain destinations and/or organizations. If you would like to email me directly at gburditt@eyassat.com, I can provide you with more information. I rarely check the comments here as they are typically spam.

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