EyasSat GEN 5 with COSMOS Command and ControlĀ 

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EyasSat trainers have been used by students across the globe. In HS through graduate level courses and in work force development for NASA professionals and private sector space training from Colorado to Jakarta.

And now, GEN 5 is our best, most capable kit ever.

  • Additional experiments.
  • More durable and user-friendly.
  • Easier to dis/reassemble.
  • More optional accessories.

Demonstrate simple engineering and physics concepts through complex systems engineering, ground operations, and project management (verification & validation) for space systems.

Perfect for HS through graduate level and work force development training.

Comes with user guide that can be adapted for curricula/lab manual.

GEN 5: Armed for Flight

GEN 5: Armed for Flight

2 thoughts on “GEN 5 EyasSat Nanosatellite Simulator with COSMOS Command and Control

  1. Hi, we’re planning on buying the EyasSat Gen 5 nanosatellite simulator with cosmos for our undergraduate students of SERP lab. Can you please suggest us a suitable method of payment, cost and delivery schedule. Thanks Dr Ali Sarosh

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