EyasSat LLC announces an improved, more inclusive C+ Kit and revised pricing structure. The new kit includes ALL of the following:

EyasSat C+


Radio box
Breakout Box
Arming Plug
X and Y Torque Rods
Radios (2)
Battery Charger
Radio USB cable
Loopback/enable Jumpers
Thumb drive with GUI and Support Documents

Atmel AVR Programmer for installing Software Updates

Indestructible Pelican Case with Customized Foam Inserts
Anti-Static kit and gloves

3 Months FREE Tech Support

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


All of this is included for $8775.00 USD.

EyasSat will no longer be offering the Accessory Kit as it is more economical and efficient for our customers to shop for the various electrical testing components locally.

We will continue to offer our unique, “Freefall Simulator,” for a modest $100 USD.


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