Do you represent a university starting an aerospace department or CubeSat program? Are you seeking to improve your country’s foothold in a rapidly developing aerospace industry?

Whatever your training goals, from aerospace engineering basics to in-depth staff development, I would like to introduce you, our customers, to a group we have worked with for some time: Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI).

TSTI is recognized around the world for their top quality training is astronautics and space systems engineering.  Their courses run the spectrum from introductory astronautics (for newcomers to the space industry) to advanced courses in robotic spacecraft design, system verification and validation–using our EyasSats, systems engineering, space mission operations and applied program management for space systems.  TSTI wrote the books on space systems (authors and editors of Understanding Space, Applied Space Systems Engineering, Space Mission Analysis and Design, Human Spaceflight Analysis and Design, etc.).  Their instructors all have doctorates in related fields, taught Astronautical Engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and have had practical experience in development of space missions.  TSTI loves to teach and works with organizations as diverse as NASA, ESA, US Air Force, Lockheed-Martin, Singapore’s National Defense R&D organization, and the Angolan Space Agency.

To get the most of your EyasSats, we suggest you contact TSTI.

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